Нейлоновая самоклеящаяся лента с прочной клейкой основой, круглые монетки белого и черного цвета, 10/15/20/25/30 мм

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Нейлоновая самоклеящаяся лента с прочной клейкой основой круглые монетки белого и черного цвета 10/15/20/25/30

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Mar-30-2023 698.44 руб. 712.21 руб. 705 руб.
Mar-02-2023 692.73 руб. 706.31 руб. 699 руб.

Описание товара


Nylon Self Adhesive Fastener Tape Strong Glue Dots Sticker Hook and Loop White Black Round Coins Nylon Tape 10/15/20/25/30mm

Model Number:200 Pairs Adhesive Fastener Tape

Product description:
1.STRONG ADHESIVE: Both are made of nylon material and hot melt adhesive with high temperature resistant, very strong self adhesive
2.WIDE COMPATIBILITY: This hook & loop coins can be attached to most of things, especially for clean smooth surfaces of paper, plastic, glass, leather, metal, etc
3.WATERPROOF: Strong adhesive And long lasting, anti-adhesion characteristics, can adapt well in wet environment
4.EASY TO USE: Easy to peel off the coins from the paper roll when you need their work, saving your time. Reusable, durable, and environmental friendly.

Warm Tips:
1.Do not use it on rough or uneven surfaces like brick, concrete, asphalt.
2.It is not recommended to stick on the paint or paper wall because it is very sticky and may damage your wall when you need to tear it off.
3.After receiving the product, please contact customer service if you have any questions. The customer service will help you with any problems. Please do not open the dispute easily. Thank you for your understanding.